Smart Maldives
The Pearls of Indian Ocean

"Where is Maldives?" That's a frequent question I have been asked. And no matter how badly you want all information about Maldives island, I'm here to provide you with the best possible information I could. Probably all the information you want.


All they say about Maldives is that, this is "The sunny side of life". But for me this is "The Pearls of Indian Ocean."


Now its time for you to decide what you have to say about Maldives. And if you had been here please share with me and the visitors what you think!




Just to say few-- Once when I flew back to Maldives from India I noticed what people said was really true. I had the same feeling. And I saw the same sun shine, crystal clear sea, the white sandy beaches and the lagoons as I left a month ago.


Therefore I can surely say that Maldives could be the perfect tropical holiday destination for you.


But lets make it clear to you that Maldives is a little different from other countries, because we got small resort islands and hotels in capital Male' which representing our tourism industry to you. I believe rest of the world have hotels and resorts a bit different way.


So now let me tell you that I have been to about 8 of the resorts. And we do have nearly 90 resort islands. Here are the resorts I had been to..

  1. Paradise Island Resort
  2. Full moon Beach Resort
  3. Thulhagiri Island Resort
  4. Giraavaru Tourist Resort
  5. Vilu reef Resort
  6. Bandos Island Resort
  7. Hudhuveli Beach Resort
  8. Filitheyo Island Resort

and to tell you the truth I had a great experience in Paradise Island.


And now let me jot down some other questions that I believe is really important to you.


  • Where is Maldives?
  • How to get here?
  • When to get here?
  • What to do here?
  • How to choose a resort or a hotel?
  • Is visa needed and what are the requirements?


and these great information to let you know about me favorites of all the places and which will suite your needs....


  • My favorite resort and hotel
  • Absolute "must do" in Maldives
  • Best hotels and resorts (cheap and expensive)
  • The best restaurants
  • And best diving spots around the globe.
  • The attraction that you should picture.
  • And many more to come on these, about "best places to stay, where to and what to do... and on..."


By the way you may say who is this guy. Don't doubt about me! Just think as if I'm your personal guide helping with your next vacation. So I'll be here to assist you in anyway I can.



Please submit any question that you need an answer if you didn't find it in this site.